#BackseatPoetry May 2016 [Part 3] | Sip Poetry

imageThank you for tuning into Part 3 of this month’s #BackseatPoetry series with Sip Poetry. She’ll be sharing three more pieces tonight, “Alas,” “Alluring,” and “Trace Her Lips.” Check them out below.

Be sure to catch up on the previous two posts first — ¬†Part 1 [Interview Included] / Part 2

The moment of romance was short lived
The butterflies in my stomach have finally flown off
There’s been a shift in feelings that were once established
Your heart now frozen covered in frost/
You talk as if we were never in love
Your words are spoken in an order that come out as if you just don’t care
You spoke to her as if I was not enough, that was tough
I let myself shed a tear sent up a prayer and declared you need to be forever scared/
Fear me because I’ll be the one that’ll rip your heart out from a distance
Watch me drown in the flock of people that envied your possession
So just reminisce on what you had because your incompetence of honesty destroyed us in the meaning of significance
You can leave your trail of depression darling because I will lift my head up and ignore you with no compassion/
I will finally experience someone that loves me with no strings
I will hear loving words and not a tongue lash
They could be the person I marry or just a tasteless fling
Whatever it may be I’ll throw my head back and laugh as you pass…alas

I want to kiss her softly
Trace my finger down her spine
I can feel her goosebumps instantly
Whisper that it’s mine/
Press my lips to her neck
She digs her nails into my shoulders
She traces my ear with her tongue for intimate sex
For that rough touch that bitch uses words that are vulgar/
Wraps her legs around my waist
As I walk her to the bed
When her body hits the sheets she moans how good she taste
She’s grabbing at her breast begging for head/
I’ll let my tongue tell her secrets
I can feel her thighs brush against my cheeks
She told me she was shy but she was no where near celibate
I can tell by the way her body arches baby girl is a freak/
She screaming for me
Hitting notes she’s never reached
Her eyes rolling in the back of her head I wonder what she can see
When we finished she looked at me and told me I should teach/

Trace Her Lips
Tracing her lips to see if I could activate the repeated words that were muted and denoted as lies that were told to tame the rightfully placed paranoid thoughts that turned from nightmares to reality/
Those eyes… Those eyes that posses her soul are the windows that I want to climb into so I can search for her true intentions and foil her plans of emotional cruelty/
When her hand grazes my back I imagine that sees telling me that she has me covered… As lame as that sounds… But I need some positivity in this brain I have that pumps nothing but negativity and repeats episodes of other people’s mistakes/
How dare I/
How dare I place mistakes of other lips and eyes and hands into hers
What purpose does that serve?/
I’ve allowed a circle of disappointment to keep spinning and my desire to be consumed into true passion has been drowned by my bitter expectations and blocked by the wall of inflictions/
So when those unnoticeable hours waste away when her magnetic eyes pull in mine and my sheets and our legs become romantically intertwined I’ll ignore the possible lies that those lips could find/
Let myself melt away when her hands graze my skin and let her soul in
Compare her to no one and design a rubric for my children to follow or bend/
So let me trace her lips

Stay tuned for Part 4. You definitely don’t want to miss that one.


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