#BackseatPoetry May 2016 [Part 4]: Sip Poetry Releases ‘Dear White People’ Visual

Welcome back for Part 4! May is slowly coming to an end, so this will be the last #BackseatPoetry post for the month. With that being said, thank you for tuning into the finale. I must say that it has been an honor for me to introduce you all to Sip Poetry. Be sure to stay connected with her via Instagram, @Thats_Sip.  Today she’ll be unleashing the visual for “Dear White People.”

But first! Catch up on her recent features here Part 1  /  Part 2  /  Part 3.

Then be sure to read what Sip had to say about the inspiration behind the piece and what she plans on doing next on her journey as a poet.

On the inspiration:

“I wrote this piece as a response to the racial climate and as a response to all the negative situations Black culture has been put in. From the comments of Stacey Dash to the shootings of unarmed Black men. I felt as if people were saying a lot of things but there wasn’t a unified piece. Dear White People is not a piece that advocates violence or hatred but it’s a call out that there needs to be an understanding reached. I want this piece to played more than once and that’s why I put a beat behind it. I understand that some people may be reluctant to play it if their white friends are in the room. My response to that would be: If you’re really about the movement then you will not be afraid who hears it. You can’t stand up against the oppressors that are in white culture with a Black audience and not do it with a White audience.”

On what’s next: 

“There will be a follow up piece. It will be called “Dear Sip” and this piece is my White side answering the letter. I find this piece fun because everyone asks me as a biracial standing up for Black culture how do I balance my white side. After that there will be other pieces that I am writing with singers and actual rappers. The project “Dear…” is going to very exciting. It’ll have pieces like Dear White People but also have pieces that talk about cheating as well as God.”

Here it is… “Dear White People,” written and performed by Sip Poetry. Shot and edited by myself, StarrBossTheShooter™.

Thank you Sip for allowing me to be a part of the vision. Your work speaks for itself and your talent is undeniable. Be on the look out for more collaborations!


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