Interview: Who Is DJ Cru? #IndyPolitikz


DJ Cru. Atlanta, Ga. After obtaining two degrees from The University of West Georgia, Cru has just begun his journey to fulfill his dreams of becoming a top-tier DJ. He’s done all types of events; from parties to weddings, and was even the former resident DJ at Tin Lizzy’s Midtown.

I was able to catch up with DJ Cru to talk inspirations, what’s next in his career, his new website, and more. Check out the interview below.

But wait, let his #CoolVibes mix play while you read.

What inspires your love for music?

“My love for music is something that’s in my blood, I guess you could say. A majority of my family are musicians, myself included, and music is just something that’s always been present in my life. The dopest thing about music is its ability to shape and affect different environments, and my newly discovered high for music is knowing that when I’m behind the table I’m subconsciously and consciously affecting the environment, energy and people around me. For me, that’s what inspires my love for music.”

What made you decide to take being a DJ seriously? How long have you been spinning?

“What made me start taking deejaying seriously was my part in planning parties through my fraternity at UWG while in college. I became good friends with the deejays that would spin at our events, and eventually over time that I spent with them started becoming familiar with the culture and the art of deejaying. I’ve officially been spinning for a little over two years now (April 2014) and haven’t looked back since.”
Do you have a favorite type of venue that you prefer to spin at?
“I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite type of venue that I prefer to spin at, but I do prefer to spin at places where the environment of the venue and people there allow me to do what I do. My goal every time I spin is to get you rocking; whether we’re in a club, party, bar, or sporting event, I don’t care…so I guess you could say that my favorite type of venues are the ones where the people aren’t afraid to dance and have a great time.”
To get more familiar with DJ Cru, follow him on SoundCloud here. He has released a variety of mixes so far. — I’ve been seeing advertisement of a Future mix, stay tuned! 
What are some of your favorite mixes that you have released on SoundCloud so far?
“My favorite mixes that I’ve put out on Soundcloud so far would have to be between #CoolVibes and my #CruLove series. This may seem odd, but I intentionally have put mixes out that are not your typical club and trap-sounding mix in order to differentiate myself from other deejays. #CoolVibes was made with the intentions to spotlight music, both mainstream and indie, that may not be the ‘top’ songs on the Rap and R&B charts. Not to mention, that all the different vibes in the mix make it very unique! My #CruLove series was made for the avid R&B lover and just so happens to get released around Valentines Day each year; pretty self explanatory!”
Since you should already be listening to #CoolVibes, go ahead and check out the #CruLove series below.
Are you looking to host mixtapes or eventually go into radio?
” I actually have been in the talks with a few people within my network about hosting and co-hosting mixtapes so we’ll where that goes. As far as radio is concerned, if I were given the opportunity to go into radio I more than likely would consider it, but it’s not something that I’m avidly pursuing.”
Tell us all we need to know about the new website,
“The new website was just a necessity to have honestly. Even though I’m not doing many public events right now (clubs, parties, etc.) I still wanted and needed a platform that could show people that I was serious about my craft. I just see it as being another powerful outlet for me to promote myself, my brand, and the level professionalism and expertise that I’ll be able to bring to any event/venue that I spin. The website is still in the development phases but it will eventually be a virtual scrapbook of the events I’ve done,  the services I offer,  and highlight everyone that is apart of my Cru!”
What’s next for DJ Cru?
“I’m really just trying to keep building my name and brand here in the Atlanta area and throughout the southeast with my deejaying since I’m relatively new to the scene. My focus is putting myself in position to spin more weddings, corporate events, clubs, lounges and events in the near future; my goal is to be deejaying 3-5 times a week within the next couple of years. In 2015 I did some branding and marketing work with Mr. Collipark on his new virtual drum machine BASSx, and also did some work mixing and deejaying (behind the scenes) for the Ying Yang Twins for their show recordings. I have entertained the thought of deejaying exclusively for an artist, so I can definitely see that happening as long as the right opportunity comes around.” 
We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all releases from DJ Cru going forward. To further connect with him personally, follow him on Twitter @DjCRU_ , bookmark, and follow him on SoundCloud @djcru_1.
Cru! Thanks for your time,

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