Teacup ‘Spills The Tea’ Via #IndyPolitikz


Well guys it’s about that time for another #IndyPolitikz interview!  I’m excited that I get to share with you one of my favorite young adults, out here making an effort to help others. I met Teacup at The University of West Georgia through a mutual friend and it’s been an honor to watch her growth. If you aren’t hip, she runs a YouTube series titled #spilltheTEA, takes dope photos, and even runs a non-profit organization. Let’s get into the interview.

How did you get your nickname Teacup? or is it legit two As.. like Teaacup? lol

“Lol, one “A” or two which ever way you spell it is cool. But I got the name after getting roasted by my friends for drinking with my pinky up.  For the longest, people went around acknowledging me as “Teaacup with her pinky up” until I was confronted by a frat student that my slogan was inappropriate lol.”

Where are you from?

“I was born in Decatur, GA but as of right now I reside in Ellenwood,GA which sits right outside of Decatur and Lithonia.”

What do you do for fun or in your spare time?

“In my spare time I do photography, attend open mics, art shows & concerts. I’m heavily involved in my community’s culture. I also run a community building non-profit called UmojaLife.”

What exactly is UmojaLife for those who don’t know?

“UmojaLife is an organization that focuses on community building and creating leaders while influencing culture and art. It was established in 2015 by myself, Briana Boykin, DJ Makaveli, Shelby Gardner, Josh Daniels, Sarah a few of my fellow UWG alumni. Our main event is our annual Juneteenth event which celebrates the emancipation, talents and achievements of those within the African-American community.  We also partner with The Remnant (a non-profit organization) each year giving away backpacks to prepare children for grade school success while hosting history & poetry events. 

UmojaLife also focuses on healthy living & nutrition. We’re in the works of cultivating a community garden in the Stone Mountain/South Gwinnett area next spring…more in the works but I don’t want to say too much lol”

How did you get started with photography?

“I really got into photography on accident. I purchased a camera to shoot my SpilltheTEA interviews then after fumbling around on my friends’ cameras and being told that I have a natural eye…I got mentored by a few vets and took photography to a whole new level.”

Now let’s get into #spilltheTEA. Go ahead and subscribe to Tea’s YouTube channel while you’re at. [Link]

What inspired you to create #spilltheTEA?

“Although #spilltheTEA is a Youtube segment, the series came about after I started doing radio. 
My homies DJ Prez and Ebonee had a radio show called “White House Radio.” After work on Wednesdays I would always go to their studio and watch them record. I would always randomly grab the mic and pretend I was hosting just like them lol. This one particular time they invited everyone over for a late night show and after taking a couple henny shots I grabbed the mic as usual (not knowing it was still on air) and started talking random shit lol.  Ppl around campus had heard the show and by the next season of WHR, changes were made to have me host a segment called Fly Fridays.
I wanted to get more personal with the artists I would interview so thats how I came about with the Youtube series.”

What does it really mean to “spilltheTEA?” How would you describe it to others?

“#spilltheTEA is a series for those to be themselves. I’m a very goofy and silly person so I would describe it as something fun for the artists. Most open the interview with a freestyle and sometimes I join them. I usually go for artists that are already in the spotlight but every now and then I choose artists who I feel have the potential. Sometimes its their first interview so it kind of gets their feet wet and lets them know that someone is watching, someone is hip to their wave.. #STT means to tell the world about you, let them know what your talent is planting into the universe.”

Do you have a favorite interview from the series?

“I actually love each and every interview for its uniqueness because I have no standard format of how I do my interviews. A couple of my favorites would be the vlog with iShowtime & Marc B seeing them practice their set for the next day, rapping in the intro of both 30 Roc’s & Clay James’ interview, and lastly my interview with Cool America when they kept trying to get me to twerk lol.”

I’ll go ahead and include three of the interviews that Tea mentioned below. Check them out and then keep scrolling for more of our interview.

For those who are interested, how do they go about getting a spilltheTEA interview?

“Of course inquire by emailing ceaatup@gmail.com  but not to be selfish or picky…I do have to personally like your music.”

How can people keep up with your work?

“Follow me on twitter @Teaacup_ IG: @ceaatup_ & of course subscribe to my Youtube (I will be doing a monetary giveaway soon for my next few subscribers)”

Last but not least, is there anything else we should be looking out for?

“Well, my non-profit just hosted our 2nd Annual Juneteenth festival June 18th in Atlanta. Other than that, be on the lookout for more #spilltheTEA interviews & a giveaway for my subscribers as I had mentioned previously.”

As usual, we’ll now keep you up to date on all things Teacup. Just be sure to follow the accounts she mentioned above as well.

TEA! Thanks for your time!


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