#IndyPolitikz: 4/21 With $1 J’R [Interview]

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.28.05 PM.png$1 J’R. Macon, Ga. Rapper. The first word that comes to mind when describing his style? Versatile. From Pop to Trap to Hip-Hop, he’s able to get on any type of beat and still be himself. He can even hold a tune. [Lol] Anyway, I’ve been knowing J’R for a few years now and it’s been dope to watch him grow as an artist. I caught up with him about $1 Family, his recently released 4/21 mixtape, what influences him to do music, and much more. Check out the interview below.

How long have you been doing music? When did you start to take it seriously?

“I was born with music in me. I remember as a kid staying up, writing down raps, and trying to make songs. But I started really taking my music seriously when I was like 17 or 18. That’s when I started really developing my craft.”

What influences you or inspires you the most to do music?

“The Love for music, my family, and money”

What is $1 Family? (pronounced S1)

“$1 Family is a independent music group founded by me and $1 Nino. $1 has different meanings but the most important meaning is “$upport 1″ We support each other, we have each other back no fake shit, and da 1 is a symbol of unity were 1. (and plus we young stoners so it means Smoke 1 to) lol”

Is there a certain space that you like to be in when you make music?

“It really depends on my mood. Most of my best songs come from me being alone. I think better with no distractions. Just me and the music. [And] Sometimes it’s like a big party. We have fun, we turn up, and we create something great like that too. But I honestly prefer to be alone just me and my music.”

What separates you from other artists coming out of Georgia right now?

“My sound. I don’t think no one else has my sound or my style of creating music.”

So let’s get to the music. J’R dropped his latest project, 4/21, in June. It comes with 11 songs (plus a bonus track) and features other members of the $1 Family. Stream and download the mixtape via DatPiff here. There’s tracks for every mood, from reflecting on life’s hardships,  love and relationships, to partying, and vibing in general.

Tell me about 4/21. Why the name? 

 “4/21″ is my Birthday and I decided to call it that, because on that day is when my life story began. My shit been a movie since. Good times, bad times, heart breaks, mistakes, all that. But I really only have my $1 Fam featured on this one.. other than my homie Blaze Bull. But $1 Nino, $1 Deigo, $1 Pablo, $1 slim, $1 Grizzy, & $1 Nate all had a lil part of the mixtape.”

What’s your favorite track from the project? Why?

“Sheesh that’s tough. I really don’t have a favorite honestly, but the most meaningful song to me is “For You.” I let so much shit out & even while making the song I got a lil emotional.”

Press play on “For You” featuring $1 Nino below. I’ll also drop one of my personal favorites, “Nothing Like Me” right  after it. The different vibe on it is amazing.

What’s one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

 “I just want people to know me and my story. I just want them to be able to relate and vibe.”

What else should we be on the look out for?

“I’m going to start back hitting the stage. I went a lil M.I.A focusing on “4/21.” I’ll be posting my next show on ( IG:S1_JR, Twitter: JR_S1_Fam). I have a couple videos. One is “Ghetto sex” by Sean Marcus, which me and $1 Nino are featured on. Then I Have “My Name” off of “4/21″ Shot by The Real Shooter of course StarrBoss lol & Oh $1 Nino is cooking up his mixtape right now!!”

Check out the videos he mentioned below. I’ll even include a performance video of him performing “That’s Okay,” which is also on 4/21.

“Ghetto Sex” – Sean Marcus featuring $1 Nino and $1 J’R

“My Name” $1 J’R featuring $1 Diego

$1 J’R performs “That’s Okay”

As always, we will keep you updated on all things $1 J’R. If you would like to connect with him further, follow his social media.

IG: S1_JR  / Twitter: JR_S1_Fam / Soundcloud: S1-Family

J’R! Thanks for your time.



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