Tyrese Talks The State of R&B With Hot97

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I recently stumbled upon an interview that Tyrese did earlier this month with Hot97. Continue reading


BSPZ’s End of The Year Best Songs/Albums of 2014 List!


2014 was the year of the surprise release.. Since Beyonce’s 2013 surprise release BEYONCE album topped the charts with no promotion other artist copied this strategy & most fell very short except maybe J. Cole. Continue reading

40 Most Influential Black Artists Ever!


February is almost over and we here at BSPZ would like share our thoughts on who we think are the most influential black artists ever. The list is solely based on opinion.
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Viewers Choice: 14 Love Songs For Valentine’s Day

Valentines-day-valentines-day-22236757-2560-1600First things first, Happy Valentine’s Day from BSPZ! There are plennnnnnty of love songs out there, so of course we can’t cover them all. So instead we’ve asked a few of our IG followers what some of their favorite love songs are. Continue reading


Top 5 Superbowl Halftime Shows!


The Superbowl is the most watched thing on television & great musical acts are given the opportunity to perform during the events annual half time show. This year Bruno Mars will be the performer. Some may say its too early in his career with only 2 albums (both being multi-platinum btw), but Mars has a nice catalog of hits & his music is actually relateable to different ages & demographics so he will most likely gain a mass new number of fans.

The Superbowl has hosted a number of great performers & performances & we would like to rank them in the order we feel is right. Continue reading


Backseatpolitikz’s Tribute To Aaliyah



January 16th is the Birthday of the late Aaliyah. A beautiful woman, a good artist & a wonderful spirit. Instead of comparing her legacy to others & trying to figure out who would she better than if she was still among us, we here at BSPZ would like to celebrate what Aaliyah was all about & that was her MUSIC. Continue reading


BackseatPolitikz’s Best Mixtapes of 2013

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Mixtapes today are usually leftover material or unused songs from an artist who couldn’t put them on their albums. 2013 hosted a hanfull of great tapes this year & here’s what we think are the best. Continue reading


5 Sexy R&B Songs Released In 2013 That You Should Hear


Of course there are plenty of known, worthy R&B songs that should make this list, but I’m here to present you with 5 songs that you may not have heard. Continue reading


BackseatPolitikz’s Top Songs of 2013


2013 produced a lot of hot songs & we think its impossible to just condense the hottest into a top 10 or label them best so here’s our Top 10 songs of 2013. Continue reading


BackseatPolitikz’s Best Albums of 2013


2013 was a great year for albums. This year brought back excitement into buying full albums with JAY Z & his Samsung deal, the Born Sinner vs YEEZUS same day drop & even Beyonce & Justin Timberlake’s surprise comeback albums. These artist have made it fun again to go & buy an actual CD.

Now we would like to rank our favorite albums of the 2013 year. Continue reading


What Makes Rihanna “ICONIC”


On November 24, 2013 The American Music Awards will present Rihanna with the first ever Icon Award. Ms. Barbados in an 8 year career span has sold 50 million albums and 180 million singles worldwide & her 7 some albums have produced 12  #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and she holds the title for best-selling Digital Artist of All Time. Continue reading