BSPZ’s End of The Year Best Songs/Albums of 2014 List!


2014 was the year of the surprise release.. Since Beyonce’s 2013 surprise release BEYONCE albumĀ topped the charts with no promotion other artist copiedĀ this strategy & most fell very short except maybe J. Cole. Continue reading

Top 5 Superbowl Halftime Shows!


The Superbowl is the most watched thing on television & great musical acts are given the opportunity to perform during the events annual half time show. This year Bruno Mars will be the performer. Some may say its too early in his career with only 2 albums (both being multi-platinum btw), but Mars has a nice catalog of hits & his music is actually relateable to different ages & demographics so he will most likely gain a mass new number of fans.

The Superbowl has hosted a number of great performers & performances & we would like to rank them in the order we feel is right. Continue reading