Teacup ‘Spills The Tea’ Via #IndyPolitikz


Well guys it’s about that time for another #IndyPolitikz interview!  I’m excited that I get to share with you one of my favorite young adults, out here making an effort to help others. I met Teacup at The University of West Georgia through a mutual friend and it’s been an honor to watch her growth. If you aren’t hip, she runs a YouTube series titled #spilltheTEA, takes dope photos, and even runs a non-profit organization. Continue reading

Indy Politikz: Super Nike Nando Talks ‘Never Say Die’ [Interview]

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 6.02.09 PM.pngSuper Nike Nando. DMV lyricist. I was first introduced to his music by way of Havana Seoul (NRO)— which is still on our official SoundCloud. Fast forward a year or so later, and he was sitting in my living room, visiting Atlanta for the A3C festival. Needless to say, we kept in touch to do a little work, starting with this interview. We talked Never Say Die, the DMV music scene, how he got his name and more. Check it out below. Continue reading

Indy Politikz: SandtronLeon Serves Up More Work [Interview]

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.32.05 PM.pngSandtronLeon. Lagrange, Ga. Artist. He’s one of few artists that I know that can take you through the entire creative process for every song he has.. and then he’ll break down the meaning bar for bar.. and it will go completely beyond what you could’ve thought it meant. I’ll say more one thing before we get to the interview, Sandtron has always had tunnel vision and his growth is apparent. Check it out below. We talked YNBG, his latest project More Work, and what to expect next from him. Continue reading

#BackseatPoetry January 2016: Kiyya K [Part One]

kiyyakKiyya K. Writer. Activist. Passionate. Received a B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University. You may remember her from being the first guest blogger to ever touch BSPZ, but now she’s back as the first feature for #BackseatPoetry. Today I’ll only be sharing one piece from her, but you will see more throughout the month of January.  Continue reading

Indy Politikz: E$P Nique [Interview]


E$P Nique. Rapper. Originally from Lithonia, Ga. You may have also heard him under the name Boue Country, but that’s obviously changed and we’ll get to that later. Anyway, I’d say Nique’s music typically falls under the let’s ride, smoke, and vibe category.  He shines best over smooth production, while his voice perfectly accompanies his player-inspired lyrics. Continue reading

New Video: Live From The Trap [Getting To Know @JasijahX and the UnkXwn]

UNKXWN2 copy2

Indy artist JasijahX has released an interview, Live From The Trap [Getting To Know JasijahX and the Unkxwn]. Watch the 15-minute clip below. Jasijah discusses the Unkxwn movement, upcoming releases, things that inspire his music, and much more. You’ll even get to catch some footage from Unkxwn’s #BeerOnMe event. Be on the look out for Jasijah to drop POPPA in spring. Continue reading