#IndyPolitikz: 4/21 With $1 J’R [Interview]

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.28.05 PM.png$1 J’R. Macon, Ga. Rapper. The first word that comes to mind when describing his style? Versatile. From Pop to Trap to Hip-Hop, he’s able to get on any type of beat and still be himself. He can even hold a tune. [Lol] Anyway, I’ve been knowing J’R for a few years now and it’s been dope to watch him grow as an artist.  Continue reading

Indy Politikz: JR Explains ‘The Life Of A Rebel’ [Interview]


Allow me to introduce you to JR. He’s an up and coming rapper on the Atlanta scene. Born in Jersey. Raised in the Midwest. He says he’s heavily influenced by 90s and West Coast Hip-Hop. Since JR recently released his debut EP LifexOfxAxRebelit’s only right that we talked about that, how he got started with music, and what it actually means to be a rebel.  Continue reading