Indy Politikz: Live From The White House With DJ Prez

1DJ Prez. College Park, Ga. You can catch him spinning at Sidebar in Atlanta every Friday night. He also has his own online radio show, ‘G5Jett Radio,’ which airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. He’s one of the hottest DJ’s in the city. So let’s get to it. I caught up with DJ Prez to talk about his inspirations, his Live From The Whitehouse mixtape, and more. Continue reading

Chilli Rocks Stripes For PETA



The C in TLC Chilli is taking a stand against circus cruelty in an ad for PETA. She wears stripes like a tiger as she poses in a cage for the campaign, entitled “Beaten, Lonely, and Abused: Boycott the Circus.” According to PETA, animals are forced to endure a lifetime of abuse and loneliness at the hands of the circus. Continue reading